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Boozy frozen hot chocolate

After Christmas, and I am still putting booze in things. Yeah I know, I am the worst. But this boozy frozen hot chocolate is the perfect the perfect use-up-that-hot-chocolate you over prepared on Christmas morning for the kids. And best of all?? You are using it for yourself, with a little peppermint vodka. Basically three ingredients, and can you even count ice as an ingredient? I am not sure. I mean, this week is basically a write-off altogether, so might as well liquor it up before the new year. And this year (2020) is the mother of all years to be adding liquor to anything you’re drinking, so we are doing this…

What is a frozen hot chocolate? Is it like a milkshake?

Sort of, but not really. And I can’t believe I am going to say this, but it is actually a little better for you than a milkshake. There is no ice cream in this – so dare I go so far to say, it is healthy(ish)?? Boozy frozen hot chocolate is healthy(ish), there, said it.

What kind of alcohol?

Really can use whatever you like, but, it being the holidays and all, I used a good amount of peppermint vodka. Feel free to use whatever kind of liquor you want, peanut butter whiskey would be really good in this, as would frangelico or chambord.

As for the hot chocolate, it is really up to you. I created this recipe out of the leftover hot chocolate. I don’t know about you, but I always over make hot chocolate. For some reason it never looks like enough, or I think the kids will drink more than one or two cups.

And for a long time I used to just throw it out, and make yet too much again in a few days. So in my desire to waste nothing these days, I saved the hot chocolate from Christmas morning in the fridge. And by yesterday it was just calling my name…and so was the booze. And here enter the boozy frozen hot chocolate treat.

So save the extra hot chocolate, or make a lil extra the next time for the kids. And have it on hand for you, later.


Boozy frozen hot chocolate


  • 2 cups of hot chocolate chilled
  • 4 cups of ice
  • 1/4 cup of peppermint vodka or liquor of choice
  • whipped cream for serving


  1. In a blender combine everything but the whipped cream and blend on high until the ice is completely smooth - almost the texture of a milkshake. Pour into glasses and top with whipped cream.

Looking for a non frozen boozy hot chocolate? Look no further than my peanut butter hot chocolate or peppermint white hot chocolate.

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  1. Love hot chocolate with peppermint vodka ever since you turned me onto it. I’m going to fix myself one right now!

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