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My friends

Since starting this blog in 2014, I have met so many fellow food bloggers and photographers who I not only respect as fellow colleagues, but so very many I am also so fortunate to call my friends. I would not be where I am today without so many of these wonderful people. I encourage you to pay them a visit, and seek them out for great recipes, cooking advice, tips and food photography inspiration. 

Lottie and Doof

So in 2010 I found Lottie and Doof, a food, kind of lifestyle, and Chicago-eating blog. It was the first real food blog I ever read and fell in love with…simple, classy, low maintenance, local and just awesome. You could immediately tell Tim was not stressing about the blog – he has A LIFE! The blog was fun, not daily posts pumping out recipes for the ad space or affiliation. Tim did this because he liked it and he liked where we both live – and it showed. Ten years later, I can honestly say, I make more things from this blog than any other I read. I take a few tips from him in my own blog – have fun, low stress and incorporate it into my already full life- not make it my life. 

Food Capture Collective

I am fortunate to be a member of this group of passionate food photographers who’ve teamed up to bring you monthly photography technique challenges. Together we create monthly challenges that encourage participants to step outside their comfort zones and practice a variety of techniques to improve their food photography skills. These women have single handedly changed my food photographing life and if you are dabbling in food photography and blogging, I encourage you to check us out, and get involved in our challenges.

Cooking with Wine

Mark and Angela – two of my favorite people are creating fantastic food recipes and cocktails here, and trust me you don’t want to miss a thing. From incredible seared tuna with Ponzu dipping sauce to the literal best summer drink I have ever made – the Peach elderflower frose – these two have contributed to not only my waistline but my go-to recipes.

Peaches to Peaches

Monique is one of my very first food blog friends. We met when while taking an online food photography class. She has become one of my biggest inspirations in how I try to expand my food photography skills. And let me tell you, NOBODY make pie like Monique, they are not only gorgeous but absolutely delicious – I have made several of them.

Half Baked Harvest

Teighan, the queen behind the beautiful Half Baked Harvest, is basically who I wish I was…but I am not, I am the girl with five kids, three dogs living in the suburbs. Oh well, at least I can pretend to be her a lot of the f’ing time because I make so many of her recipes. Her pictures actually match the deliciousness of her food – not always the case I have found in food blogs. She has single handedly turned my family into lovers of Asian-inspired dishes and this alone would get her on this list.