Meet Kate the Baker

Hello and welcome! I am Katie, the wife of an one pretty awesome man, a mother of five (mostly) awesome kids, a baker, a cook, a recipe developer and a food photographer. I am behind all things Kate the Baker…the blog, the recipes, the food photographs and Kate the Baker in your Kitchen – a private in-home dining experience and in-home cooking classes and demonstrations.

I started this in 2014, when I found myself divorced, with three kids and pretty much starting over…and I figured why the hell not start this too, cause you know, I needed more things.

Did you go to culinary school?

I went to culinary / hospitality school for a hot minute right out of highschool, but quickly realized that I was not cut out for the 10+ hour days in a restaurant kitchen. So I went to journalism school instead.

Then came a kids, marriage and a few more kids (in that order). And with that came an at-home catering business that I kept super small. I eventually got a job managing a bake shop, responsible for all of the recipes, baking and marketing and NONE of the cake decorating (NOT MY THING).

When I got divorced, I got a full-time marketing job at a huge professional services firm, but I just couldn’t shake the total love I had for all things food…enter Kate the Baker – the blog.

Thanks for stopping by. xoxo

icecream selfie