Potato chip cookies

So it is the fourth day of holiday baking here and I have these potato chip cookies. I also have a recommendation of elastic pants this time of year. I just can’t anymore with the buttons.

I went 39 years of life without  potato chip cookies. And after I ate one, gifted to me in a cookie box from a fifth grader I coach in volleyball, I cursed out basically all my relatives for not having these as a cookie when I was growing up. Then I ate the entire box of cookies the kid gave me, and I ate the entire box she gave my assistant coach. They are that good, and absolutely addictive, you cannot just have one. I immediately ran to pinterest to find this cookie and I guess lots of people have been eating these longer than me.

All the recipes are basically the same, some call for adding a few nuts, but I went with the recipe without nuts. Pretty much a simple butter cookie (loads of butter) and crushed potato chips added. Then you drown them in powdered sugar when they are still warm – and if you don’t try one right then and there…there is something wrong with you. Period.

I did zero adapting of this, the recipe came from Leslie Stevens who writes Butter and salt blog. I really don’t think it needs anything else – not even chocolate, not even a nut. Simple and perfect.


Potato chip cookies

Course Dessert
Prep Time 15 minutes
Total Time 27 minutes


  • one cup butter softened
  • 1/2  cup sugar
  • one teaspoon vanilla
  • 1 1/2  cups all-purpose flour
  • 3/4  cup crushed classic Lay's potato chips
  • Powdered sugar for top


  1. Heat your oven to 350° F. Using a stand mixer with the paddle attachment, beat the butter until light and fluffy, this takes a long time, but it is 100% worth it. Then add sugar and beat well. Add vanilla, then gradually add in the flour. Add the crushed potato chips last and mix until just combined.
  2. Drop by a teaspoon of cookie dough onto cookie sheet a few inches apart. Bake about 12-15 minutes, until slightly brown. Sprinkle with confectioners' sugar while still warm.

Recipe Notes

Leslie notes that these are better even the second or third and I found out she is not a liar - they were awesome on day two and day three 🙂

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