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Boozy Nutella Coffee

You read that right – BOOZY NUTELLA COFFEE. It is a thing. And this boozy Nutella coffee is kicking off the annual 12 days of Christmas Sweets – the drunk version. Last year I shared twelve Christmas sweets (some cookies, bars, a hot chocolate, a whoopie pie etc. you get the picture). By the end of the twelve days I was really annoyed with my own self. As I am sure anyone who reads me here, was also annoyed – ALRIGHT ALREADY!

So in an effort to annoy myself and all of you less, I thought I would share recipes to help get you and your guests drunk this holiday season. Cause who doesn’t love a cocktail at this time of year? No one, that’s who. Everyone loves drinks during the holidays…and I aim to please.

This boozy Nutella coffee is perfect for your mornings the entire month of December or to serve as your after dinner dessert coffee. And as someone who is always looking for additional ways to shove Nutella down her f’ing face, why the hell not stir it into my coffee.

What is boozy Nutella coffee?

Boozy Nutella coffee is coffee (nothing fancy, your everyday coffee is fine) heated with Nutella melted in and hazelnut liqueur added at the end. I use Frangelico, which has a warm and decadent hazelnut flavor. It is also a very sweet liqueur, meaning this needs no additional sugar.

Originally, I tested this recipe as a hot chocolate, NOT using Nutella, making more of a Gianduja hot chocolate with the Frangelico. While it tasted fine, it was sweet AF. Also I thought the hazelnut flavor of the Frangelico was really lost in so much sweetness.

Does Nutella really melt in hot coffee?

You bet your ass it does. And I am not the first person to find out it does either. I came across this Nutella hot coffee recipe, which inspired me to try i out. Nutella melts perfectly into the coffee. It is smooth and adds kind of a mocha flavor to coffee with just a hint of hazelnut (amped up by the Fangelico). IT IS NOT OILY – I promise. I thought it would be but not at all. Maybe there is some science behind why it isn’t (the half ‘n’ maybe does something there) I don’t know and I don’t really care, it just worked and tasted awesome.

Can I use a different liqueur?

Why the hell not. I don’t know any other hazelnut liqueur brands, but if you do, use it. Or if you have an amaretto liqueur on hand, go for it. Love Nutella but don’t love Frangelico? Try a Baileys and simply reduce the amount of half ‘n’ half. I guess what I am saying is your your best drunk sense in adapting this to work for you and your holiday party.


Boozy Nutella coffee

This recipe is made for a party; but it easily cuts into thirds for smaller amounts which I have so nicely broken down as well.


  • 9 cups of brewed coffee
  • 2 cups of half n half or milk 2/3 cup per 3 cups of coffee
  • 3/4 cup of Nutella 1/4 cup per 3 cups of coffee
  • 2 1/4 cup Frangelico 3/4 cup per 3 cups of coffee


  1. In a large sauce pan warm the coffee, half n half or milk and Nutella while whisking. Heat until steaming and Nutella is completely melted into the coffee. Turn off the heat and whisk in the Frangelico. Top with whipped cream if you like.

Let me know whatcha think!