Sour cherry ice cream

A Philadelphia-style homemade sour cherry ice cream recipe that's easy to make and delicious, all you need is an ice cream maker!

There is three types of ice cream you can make for a Cuisinart ice cream maker: – Custard-based – Philadelphia style – Gelato. 

What are the types of ice cream?

Sour cherry ice cream

Outside of cherry pie, I can't think of a better use for sour cherries, than this ice cream recipe. A quick cherry compote get churned into a sweet cream ice cream base.


– Heavy cream for richness – Whole milk – Sugar for both the ice cream base and for the cherry compote – Vanilla   – Salt – Sour cherries.  – Lemon juice to make the cherry compote

Tips for success

– Make sure to use heavy cream not half and half, for richness. – Make sure the sugar is properly dissolved in the cream and milk base – Don't puree the compote completely. 

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