Red velvet bundt cake

A moist, easy and decadent red velvet bundt cake drizzled with a tangy cream cheese glaze, will be everyone's favorite!

What makes red velvet unique?

Red velvet is not really a chocolate or a vanilla cake. It is made with some cocoa powder, but not nearly as much as a traditional chocolate cake, giving it a mild chocolate flavor, but the texture of a dense velvety chocolate cake.

How do you keep the cake from sticking to the bundt pan?

Baking spray! NOTE – this is NOT the same as cooking spray. Baking spray is oil mixed with some flour. I have never ever had a cake stick – bundt pan or any pan.

Tips for success

Make sure to let the cake cool in the pan for five minutes before turning it out, but not any longer than that. Leave it in there to cool too long and it will stick and never come out!