Raspberry milkshake

A simple and delicious raspberry milkshake is easy to make and full of fresh raspberry flavor. This is one milkshake you have got to try.

Why you;ll love this recipe

– Fresh raspberries.  – Vanilla ice cream blended with the raspberries helps mellow out some of the ' tartness  – The perfect milkshake base.  – It is quick and easy to make. 

How to get the perfect milkshake

– Three large scoops of ice cream, which is about 1 ½ cups of ice cream. – ½ cup liquid (this includes ANY liquid you add to a milkshake, milk, vanilla extract, caramel sauce, chocolate syrup).

Special equipment you need

When using fresh fruit or something chunky, a blender is best to puree everything.

Tips for success

– Soften your ice cream before blending about 5-10 minutes.  – Use whole milk if possible. – Don't use heavy cream in place of the milk.