Irish seafood chowder

Irish seafood chowder, an easily adaptable recipe using your favorite, fresh fish, in a creamy broth is the perfect comfort food.

Why you'll love this recipe

– This soup has a creamy broth base, making it lighter and a bit healthier. – This recipe has bacon.  – This recipe is extremely adaptable with the kind of fish you can use. 


– Bacon – Fish – Potatoes – Onion, garlic, thyme. – Celery – Old bay seasoning – Salt and black pepper – Green onion – Seafood or vegetable stock – Evaporated milk – Heavy cream

How to make

Cook the bacon, rendering the fat and remove from the pan.

Cook the onions, garlic and thyme in the bacon fat and  butter.

Add the potatoes browned a bit in the fat.

How to make

Add the stock and evaporated milk. Cook the potatoes in the broth to soften.

Drop in your raw fish. If you are also using some smoked fish, this is already cooked and can go in at the end.

When the fish has fully cooked it will easily flake apart in the broth, in will go your heavy cream and a ton of black pepper.

Tips for success

The creamy broth should be at a low simmer when you add the fish, not a rapid boil. Cook gently until just flaky. This will give the chowder good texture. Any smoked fish (which is already cooked) will go in right after the heavy cream at the end.

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