Easy halloween poison apples

Easy and super festive for Halloween, these poison apples are a fun and spooky treat everyone will love!

What is a candy apple?

Different than a caramel apple with soft caramel, these Halloween poison apples are dipped in a homemade hard candy coating. The candy coating adheres perfectly and is so shiny. For this easy Halloween poison apple recipe we color the hard candy coating jet black making a spooky treat!

What's the best apple for candy apples?

While you can use any apple you like, Granny Smith is by far the best choice for making these easy Halloween poison apples. They have a firm texture, and they are tart enough to be the perfect compliment to the super sweet hard candy coating.

Special equipment you need

While it isn't totally necessary, I highly recommend making these Halloween poison apples using a candy thermometer. Making a hard candy coating can be tricky and you really know it is ready by temperature.

Tips for success

- Try real real hard to use organic apples. - Wash and dry your apples. - Prep everything else ahead of time. - Always make sure to use parchment or foil and make sure to grease it.