Cuisinart ice cream maker recipes

It's finally summer weather! And you know what that means...all the ice cream. Here are all the tried and tested homemade Cuisinart ice cream maker recipes you will ever need.

All the homemade ice cream recipes I have personally made in my Cuisinart ice cream maker and all of them have been huge hits with my family and any guests that drop by.

There is three types of ice cream you can make for a Cuisinart ice cream maker: – Custard-based – Philadelphia style – Gelato. 

What are the types of ice cream?

Sour cherry ice cream

Outside of cherry pie, I can't think of a better use for sour cherries, than this ice cream recipe. A quick cherry compote get churned into a sweet cream ice cream base.

Toasted marshmallow  ice cream

Toasted, gooey marshmallows blended into a French-style custard base ice cream recipe. This is probably my most requested homemade ice cream.

Oreo  ice cream

A nostalgic favorite flavor for kids and adults, oreo ice cream, made with oreo milk is full of cookie flavor and simple to make. Extra crushed oreos give it that extra cookie crunch

Butterscotch chocolate cake ice cream

This butterscotch chocolate cake ice cream with a butterscotch base and bits of chocolate cake folded throughout is delicious and fun ice cream treat.

Other ice cream treats 

Don't feel like busting out the Cuisinart ice cream maker? Try one of these delicious ice cream treats instead