Creamy wild mushroom soup

A creamy wild mushroom soup full of caramelized, earthy mushrooms, herbs, a bit of wine and some cream. An easy homemade recipe you'll love

Best mushrooms to use

You can use any mix of mushrooms you like for this creamy wild mushroom soup. I use shitake, oyster, cremini and regular old button mushrooms - all fresh and all purchased at my regular grocery store. For extra mushroom flavor and a really nice and deep earthy flavor I always add one variety of dried mushrooms also.


– shallot or onion – a little garlic – sherry (or a white wine you have) – fresh thyme – dried dill – veggie or chicken stock – Salt and pepper – half and half or milk – flour – lemon juice to brighten it at the very end – Creme fraiche or sour cream for garnish

Tips for success

– If using dried mushrooms absolutely add the soaking liquid along with the stock – Don't skip the lemon juice at the end. This soup is infinitely better with a bright touch of acidity thrown in at the end.