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This…….is gonna be awesome

I am Kate…the baker. Welcome to my blog.

I am a home-schooled, family-schooled baker/cook. I am also a mother of three (see picture of the kiddos), an ex wife who made some awesome mistakes that she will not make again, a writer (former journalist), and lastly but not leastly, a copy editor for a large tax firm in Chicago.

This is my second start up blog. In what I will often refer to as my passed life (my married,, stay-at-home or part time working life), I did various things to try to better myself and pull myself out of an increasingly and un-understandable unhappiness. Blogging about my cooking/baking was one of those things…so was compulsively working out, having a small desert catering business and various other ventures I dare not bore you with here. None of them worked. And needless to say, blogging fell by the wayside and I completely let it go.

But that was over a year ago. I have had a major year, including separating and divorcing, getting a full time (gasp) job that I happen to like, learning how to pay bills on my own, manage a whole house on my own, co-parent with my ex and have a better relationship with him than I ever did when I was married, being on my own and alone for the first time in my entire life (literally) and learning how to like myself and realize I can be a better person and change my situation even if it is never in a million years where I thought it would be.

In my year of turmoil, while transitioning from my passed life to the life I am now living, I ate a lot. I also discovered a lot. One being, that I am a stress eater, and this is not always a good thing. I stress eat pie…all the while wishing I stress eat salad. And I don’t mean I would stop for a slice of pie or eat one piece here and there of pies I would make, I mean I would bake the pie, and then stare at it till it cooled and eat the entire thing. At once. Often while crying. I really love pie. Pie loved me back, and loved my ass the inner tube belly I was wearing even more.

I have since snapped out of this, and through the course of my year, I have stopped eating the whole pie. And I have stopped eating to make myself feel better. I have gone back to things I really love, like my friends and my family…they are what really make me feel better. My friends and family have never judged me, they have supported and helped me and looked at me the same through everything I have ever gone through, and that is what really matters in life, and what really gets a person through…pie gets taste buds through…which is ok too.

I still eat pie, and there will be many posts about pies, because I am awesome at making them. In fact, if I ever fall in to money, or remarry an independently wealthy sugar daddy (pause for laughter), I would open a pie shop. I make a point to stop in Chicago bakeries and pie shops every chance I get, and a haing my own shop just with seasonal pies is my absolute love and passion…writing is second…corporate audits, what I spend 40 hours a week doing for the bucks, falls wayyyyyy down on that list.

A few things you should know you will find with me:

-I write exactly as I talk, and while I am a journalist by trade, I don’t talk as educated as I should, so the English and vocabulary aren’t going to be NYT-esque…but it will be easy as hell to read and laugh through everything I put on here.

-Also I swear when I talk, so I swear when I write. A lot. My son once told me, “Mom, Jesus will forgive you for always being late and not taking a shower every day, but I just don’t know about the swearing…there’s just so much of it.”

-I like to eat. A lot. I plan most of my day around what I am eating and what I am cooking.

-I also like to go out to eat. And I live in what I think is the most glorious food city in the country. Chicago. There will be posts and pictures of food I love from here (see another below, I love Rainbow Cone)

-I don’t just bake. And I won’t only post baking recipes. I come from a line of fabulous cooks. My mother ran a very successful catering business out of our home when I was a kid, and taught culinary classes at Williams-Sonoma for years. I am Italian, half, and that, by default, has put me in a long line of great cooks. I have many fabulous Italian family recipes that I will be happy to share in time. I love my family cooking and it is one of the things I am most proud of in my life. So don’t just expect baking recipes…I am just full of food information.

-You will find I have the writing and storytelling down pat, but I am NOT, alas, a photographer…so bare with me, I will do my best. And I promise I will get better as I go along. I read natural lighting is best when photographing food, so maybe I will be taking a lot of pictures outside…for three months out of the year. Remember I said I live in Chicago, and we have polar vortex problems in f—king June. And I’m not joking, look it up.

-Finally, I expect nothing out of this, except to go back to what I love and maybe make some friends and hear awesome stories about your lives (kids make the best stories). I would love feedback, recipe alterations and new things to try. I will try just about anything you give me. And I love challenges.

So thanks for stopping by and please come back or subscribe, I promise to keep the bulshit to a minimum and the funny stories and good food to a maximum. Xoxo


 icecream selfie

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