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Well hello there 2018

Happy happy new day. Happy happy -10 outside. W.T.F.
I truly hope every one had a wonderful holiday and rung in the new year with their besties and their families.  I did, I had a lovely dinner with new friends in our new neighborhood with my bestie, my husband. This followed an anniversary dinner to end all f’ing anniversary dinners at my new favorite restaurant – Monteverde. It was stunning end to an awesome year full of new things.


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New marriage, new house, new big family…and we killed it this year, and I wouldn’t change a thing. Ok, I would maybe change one thing – the size of me at the end of this year, but whatever – I will kill that shit this year 🙂

I don’t do resolutions –  I hate that word and I think they are dumb. Usually they are lofty and unrealistic, they are also drastic and unsustainable. If you find yourself a resolution maker and in turn, a resolution breaker, I have an idea…it is what I am doing this year. It’s a ‘here’s to’ list. Kind of like goals, but vague and in general kinder to myself and much more likely to be something that will stick with me all year and beyond. A list that is something I will look forward to all year as opposed to some dumb ass punishment I am giving myself for eating all the leftover Christmas cookies, drinking all the eggnog WITH brandy, polishing off roughly 268 ounces of hot chocolate in two weeks and eating two plates at every party whether I was hungry or not. I did all that shit and I loved every minute of it from Thanksgiving until today and I don’t care that I am pudgy (yes that is the actual word Jim used).
Try your own ‘here’s to’ list – I bet you’ll be smiling your ass off when you’re done.

Here’s to 2018…
Here’s to turning 40 this year – it is really f’ing happening – and being a grown up about it
Here’s to learning to like drinking wine with a meal, not just cooking with it
Here’s to drinking less beer and more water
Here’s to buttoning up all my pants at least eight months of this year
Here’s to remembering to use the anti wrinkle cream every day
Here’s to writing more, like once a week more (ie. this blog)
Here’s to using my fancy camera for better food pics and people pics
Here’s to killing at least one Whole30 this year
Here’s to getting better at ping pong and beating my husband’s and kid’s asses everytime
Here’s to taking more pictures of my kids and being in more pictures with them too
Here’s to cooking more and sharing it with you guys
Here’s to learning how to golf bc Jim got me clubs for Christmas and wants us to play together
Here’s to cooking from and cleaning up my insane pinterest account
Here’s to forcing all five kids to have family nights more than they would like
Here’s to looking at my oldest daughter’s face more and smiling at her – she will be off to college in 2019
Here’s to eating less sugar but enjoying the dessert I eat more than feeling bad about it
Here’s to giving more back rubs bc it is Jim’s favorite thing
Here’s to telling each kid one nice thing I love about them every week when they least expect it and need it the most
Here’s to telling Jim, at least once a week, just how wonderful I think my life is because he is in it
Here’s to swimming with the kids in summer before they have to beg me to go in
Here’s to going with the kids to a movie – not just dropping them at the theater
Here’s to making my bed at least twice a week (realistic and sustainable, remember?)
Here’s to cooking everyone’s favorite meal at least three times this year
Here’s to making a birthday cake for all my family members – no matter how busy I am
And here’s to saying yes more times than I say no this year
…and I started by saying yes to cooking Jimmy Dean’s sausage and melting processed pasteurized cheese food into the sausage, and then smearing it on mini rye toasts – all in the name of love (for Jim). These are called Hanky Panky –  for real –  and Jim kept describing them but couldn’t remember the name…and that’s where pinterest came in…like 50 different posts for these things, but I managed to pick one. And ya know what? They weren’t even gross. And I ate like six of them myself.  Yeah bitches…this year is gonna be awesome.





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