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Looking forward to it

Ok so now I got all the holidays out of the way  and I can tell you that my January Whole30 isn’t going to happen – my January Whole3 is going to happen though, sort of and maybe. As of tomorrow it is happening anyway.

I do have some goals for this site for this year however that I am absolutely going to keep.

Number one…revamp this site and put a tiny bit of money into it. I am fortunate enough to have a husband who realizes and supports my love of eating/cooking/baking. He is a million things that are wonderful, but the one I am saying right here is that he is supportive and generous of things I believe in and want to accomplish, i.e. this blog. In this supportiveness, I am able to upgrade my site and add a few more tools to make completing my remaining goals for this blog – all things that I hope will make you and any friends of yours want to read and cook and bake off of my site more, and maybe even interact with me and send me some good ideas that I can try and put on here as well. Soooooo notice the new setup, easier to navigate, fancier (I think) page I am sporting on here…thanks to Jim, this was upgrade number one.

Number two…take better pictures. I always think my pictures look good until I look at other food photographers and then I think wtf, they do this from home too, how in the hell does my pics look so…blah, meh, ugh…you choose. Well again with the husband. I got a nicer camera and upgraded to some decent photo editing software. Hopefully this, along with the rather expensive online courses I signed up for, will make for a progressively better photo experience with my food. These two pictures below are my very first homework assignments out of my class – pretty damn good I think! The shit should look as good as it tastes.

Number three…master a f—king cookie already. I am getting better…but enough already, I should have at least one cookie in my list of can-do’s that is simply stunning. Like it could win me a damn award. I can make caramel four different ways, there is no reason I can’t make one single cookie phenomenally. That being said, my mom helped me on this goal by gifting me Dorie Greenspan’s cookie cookbook – and I fully intend to make at least 50% of what is in this book…so look for a lot of f’ing cookies on this site this year, the good, the bad and the super shitty ones – I will tell you what is good, what is easy and what simply doesn’t go and isn’t worth it. And along the way hopefully I find the phenomenal, can’t-live-without cookie that makes me a master cookie maker. Hopefully.

Number four…cook down and trim the hell out of my pinterest account. I am currently holding on to 1,042 recipes on pinterest. And I have tried maybe 150 of them ever. This is insane to me. And all this really tells me is I am f’ing boring. I must make the same shit week after week annually and I don’t even know it, w.t.f. Not this year though. This year, I am going to I am going to claw my already slightly overweight self out of pinterest hell. One third of these recipes will be tested and kept or thrown out with the trash…and I will let you know which are keepers, which made me laugh they were so bad, which made me want to throw up they were so gross and which were just mediocre and up to you to decide keep or toss.

Number five…I will make loads homemade pasta. I am Italian for Christ’s sake. This one is a no brainer I should think. I called my mother last week and begged for the family pasta maker – which is old school crank-style, and she happily gave it over. And so begins my goal of pasta – glorious sheets for my to-die-for lasagna Bolognese, ravioli filled with butternut squash, pea puree, braised veal and I am going to try egg yolk ravioli…I have a plan and idea for that which should be f’ing awesome if it comes out right.

Number six…learn how to make Asian food that Asian people will like. And by this I don’t mean make Chinese takeout at home – not entirely. I mean, make good stuff at home – like Ramen with delicious things in it like pork belly and an egg in a super warm savory broth. Things like pot stickers with homemade wonderful sauces. But also some takeout at home like orange chicken, General Tsao chicken and pad se ew – my absolute favorite Asian dish ever – a dish that I can only find made the right way at two places, both of which are not close and super crowded.

And that’s a wrap now – looks like I will be busy as all hell this year 🙂

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  1. You crack me up!! Just subscribed, so I don’t miss anything this year! 😂😂

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