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Enough with the eggs

Ok, now this is starting to get stupid. I ate 16 eggs in a week and we have gone through four pounds of bacon in week between two people.  And still with the peanut butter, but also I want a cookie. Period. And a red velvet cake. And a gigantic piece of the garlic bread I made the boys for dinner. And possibly some yogurt with granola (I stared down a coworker I don’t even know eating this on Thursday and he got up and moved away from me).
I have one week and one day before what the Whole30 book calls “reintroduction phase.”  And I told the man when that alarm goes off at 5:29 am that first day, I am leaping over him off the bed and running downstairs to the tub of JIF sitting in the cabinet…I will leave a spoon on the counter. Btw, legumes are the first reintro food I can have. Peanuts, are legumes 🙂
I am not hungry at all, this is not about being hungry or lacking food. I am full all the time. Stuffed with eggs, pears, apples, celery, sweet potatoes and every kind of meat or fish Olympia Meats sells.  I have lost some weight, not nearly as much as the man who looks absolutely the hottest ever, but I don’t care bc this was not about weight loss.  My skin still looks amazing, I don’t look tired at all, and I am not lethargic, but I am not more energetic than before (at least I don’t think so, HE might think differently) and I am my normal level of saltiness, not extra salty bitch like the first week or so.
But while I am not hungry at all, I am not full on things I want to be full on…bread, cheesy crackers and a cookie here and there.  The man looked at me the other night and said “do you smell those cookies? God the house smells great.”  I have never wanted to punch someone’s face more than I did right then.
I will make it through without one cheat, so will the man, he has really enjoyed this and would like to eat this way more often than not. And while this has made me rethink how I cook every day for us, and what we put on our plates and the kids’ plates on a daily basis, the baker in me is grossly dissatisfied. And at the end of the day, I am a baker and have been since I was a kid.  I can’t wait to make a god damn pie. And eat the shit out of it.IMG_3224But for now, this is my favorite of week three…I don’t know if it was that I just couldn’t eat another egg, or that I sent all five kids, one in a tank top and the rest without coats, out of the house (it was a 40 degree day in Chicago AND sunny) for 45 minutes, and enjoyed the silence in the mess of a house with five kids in it, or just that I am missing sweet.  I know it’s not even a meal but this simple pear poached in apple cider with allspice, cinnamon and salt, was the best god damn thing I ate, maybe in the last two weeks.  The man tried very hard to tell me this was not allowed because it looked like a dessert, but the moment he tasted it, the look on his face told me it was most definitely allowed, and he ate the whole thing.  I want him to be impressed with my abilities (it’s all about keeping it interesting), but sometimes it’s just the simplicity of something that has like two ingredients that tastes this good that is impressive enough 🙂IMG_3186Poached pear for breakfast for two
2 pears (I used Bosc pears but you could use other kind, though not Bartlett pears, they get too soft when poached) peeled and left whole
Apple cider
Cinnamon stick
½ teaspoon allspice
¼ teaspoon salt

Place the pears in a sauce pan, cover with enough apple cider that both pears are entirely covered with liquid, add your cinnamon stick, allspice and salt and GENTLY (you don’t want to hurt the pears) stir together. Bring to a boil and simmer covered for roughly 45 minutes, or until the pears are soft, but not turned to mush.  Remove the pears and increase the heat to high. Boil the liquid, uncovered, until it is thickened, almost like a syrup. Split the pears in half and remove the center core carefully. Top the pear halves with the reduced cider and serve warm or at room temperature.


  1. I, for one, will be happy when diet is OVER! I would rather see you eating the goodies, than just smelling them! Pears, however, looked amazing!!

  2. Love your new site, it looks very professional and the pictures look good enough to eat the screen! But I can speak from experiencing them, the pic of the bricoles does not do them justice, they were even more amazing than they look in picture. Keep it up – I’ m so proud of you. Btw, you make lots of really good cookies.

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