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Well hello you little new year, 2016, you…

It’s 2016 and if I were getting grades for blogging for 2015, I would get a giant F. I failed in this past year. It’s not for lack of cooking or baking though, it is simply because I was too busy making a life for myself to write so much.
Early in to 2015 I thought this was going to be the worst year of my life (and I have had some bad ones), worse than the year I got divorced, worse than the year I realized I should probably get divorced, truly the worst. But god damn, how wrong was I. I had a great year. Midway til the end of 2015 turned out to be one of my best…and it must have been apparent because even my kids asked what happened to me, why I was happy and so much fun again. Sometimes shit just clicks and you get it together, I told them. And it’s the truth.
So since I last wrote anything I have been to Hawaii (see the big cover picture), Maui to be exact, and it was amazing. I had a wonderful holiday with family and friends, I cut a Christmas tree down that rivals Clark Griswold (my kids’ favorite part), did some family stuff in the city, had a wonderful Christmas with some new friends and my family and rang in the New Year with my new(ish) man and my kids. Perfect finish to my year.

And not leave it out…I made some good shit and had one spectacular flop. Don’t ever try to make meringue out of pasteurized egg whites in a carton and put it on a perfectly baked cheesecake, just don’t do it. Delicious cookies, a gorgeous prime rib, sausage, tiramisu, Marlow and Sons chocolate caramel tart, cannoli and pies…so many pies. And also, to fully disclose what I have been doing, I have eaten a donut virtually every single day since I returned from Hawaii. No joke, and somedays I had two so it literally evens out to every single day one donut…hence the happier and more fun again Kate.
So many pies that I can no longer button my pants. Ugh. But really, who cares, it was all good.

This all leads up to next week…Whole30 week. Wtf. My boyfriend (from now on referred to as the man) got the book back in September and we are finally able to find a solid 30 days that we can refrain from gluten, sugar and the most difficult, alcohol.  The man has several food allergies and in general would like to improve his health, I am just a nice, supportive woman and agreed to do it with him, plus I am hoping maybe it will help me button the pants again, cause well, it is frowned upon to wear elastic pants every day to work.
I am kind of excited to do this. It forces me to cook for us, like every day, and a lot of what I can eat is thing I choose anyhow…meat and vegetables. Plus we will be eating together every day now which I like too, and while the kids are not doing it totally, they can still stand to eat home cooked healthier meals.
I am going to try my best to give you one recipe a week of something that is delicious. I will also tell you if this is a bulshit diet, or worth it, or too hard or whatever it ends up being. I also will disclose if I cheat and eat a donut or a crouton, the man doesn’t know about this blog, so he won’t ever know.

My funeral for donuts today…and I will every every single one of these…see ya in 30 days


Happy New Year to everyone and have a wonderful year.

Let me know whatcha think!